Taking Critical Care Of Hoofs For A Healthier Cow

Hoof maintenance is of utmost importance if you wish to keep your cow to not retire too soon from your farm. Taking critical care of the hoof is very significant.

Lameness happens to affect the overall physical health of the cow. Crippling or any physical disability is the major cause of trouble that can affect cattle mobility. It has been observed that about 95% of the lameness is solely due to hoof-related health issues. Cattle might be subjected to suffer weight loss in some way or the other. In dairy cattle, milk production is majorly affected due to lameness.

Here is a List of Common Hoof Problems That Affect Cow’s Health:

  • Sole Ulcer – A common condition & the reason behind extreme pain and lameness in cattle. The lesion on the toe or heel of the hoof is what is commonly called sole ulcer.
  • Digital Dermatitis – Another common condition better known as hairy warts. It has a raw, reddened area, which has rounded projection hair-like structures. The condition is painful and sometimes even the cause of fever, amongst cows.
  • Foot Rot – Foot rot is a condition that is caused by the invasion of bacteria which often enters hooves between the two digits of the hoof.
  • Deep infection – When there is visible swelling or some form of deep infection with asymmetrical swelling, it requires to be cured immediately. Deep infection can cause the hooves to break or crack.

Prevention of Hoof Issues –

Since the most hoof problems are increased by the environmental conditions, producers can definitely resort to some preventive measures to decrease the lameness.

  • Avoid tying/housing cows on a hard surface for a prolonged time.
  • Constant wet or contaminated hoof environment should be contained as it encourages the bacterial growth.
  • Periodic preventive hoof trimming as there is normal wear and tear of the hooves, trouble arises when attention is not paid to the hoof trimming.
  • In case you feel you need some external help in taking care of hoof health, there are plenty of products available.

Proper hoof health can help your cow go beyond 60 without major health troubles.

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